TSM becomes a Centre of Excellence for Music & Sound Engineering Courses

The Media and Entertainment Skills Council of India recognised TSM with Centre of Excellence (COE) status, after a thorough assessment of our curriculum, infrastructure, teaching standards and student support resources. The audit that led to this recognition was conducted by KPMG, and we are very proud to receive this independent,…Continue Reading

Student Showcase – Ashar Anis Khan

Our alumnus, Ashar Anis Khan released a new song with Zee Music Company recently which has got over 100,000 views. We asked him a few questions about his experience and his journey so far. 1. Tell us a little about your association with Zee Music Company for this release. Well,…Continue Reading

Student Showcase – Mukti Funk

Mukti Funk was formed as a result of the students coming together and playing for each other’s final showcases at school. “We really enjoyed playing and making music with each other and decided to take it a step forward,” says Ishaan Mehta, the guitar player. He has been listening to…Continue Reading

Piano Keys & Notes Infographic

Neil from Sublimelody sent us this cool infographic on Piano Keys! We’ve also introduced two brand new online courses for our students. Click here to learn the ‘Fundamentals of Music Theory‘ course.

The True School of Music is now an MESC affiliated Training Centre

We’re very excited to let you know that TSM is now a Media and Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) affiliated Training Centre. MESC is a sector skills council of India’s National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). NSDC functions under the purview of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to support skill development…Continue Reading

Degree Articulation Partnership with University of Hertfordshire

We’re very happy to let you all know that TSM and the University of Hertfordshire, UK have entered into a curriculum articulation agreement. This means that students in our Sound Engineering and Music Production courses can get a degree after studying with us by doing just one year of study…Continue Reading

Difference between Music Production & Sound Engineering

We get a lot of inquiries from students who tell us that they want to learn Sound Engineering but what they mean is that they want to learn Music Production. This is a common misunderstanding and to make things clearer we thought we’d make this chart which will help y’all get…Continue Reading

Music Producers vs. Audio Engineers : Nomenclature of Names, Designations and Titles used in the field of music

The simplest explanation is that music producers compose or produce music while sound engineers record and mix music. The designation ‘Music Producer’ has come in vogue in the past twenty years or so. Sound Engineers have existed since the era of radio broadcasting that commenced in the 1920s. These lab…Continue Reading

Meet the Faculty – Aron Nyiro (Head of Drum Department)

What’s the hardest part about being a musician and what’s the best? I think the hardest part is probably handling uncertainty. As a working musician you necessarily have to be a freelancer. Therefore you’ll have busy times and quiet times and can never really know what’s going to happen 2…Continue Reading

Meet the Students – Ruhika Rao

1. When and why did you start singing? I’ve been singing since I was in 2nd standard, I use to sing in a choir but my professional training stated in TSM only. 2. Which Instrument do you play I play keys and do know a bit of guitar but it’s just…Continue Reading

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