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Why You Need To Learn From Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton is a Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated Brooklyn-based record producer, engineer, musician, and co-owner of Studio G Brooklyn with partners Tony Maimone and Chris Cubeta. He has worked with artists like ‘Pretty Lights’, ‘Tom Waits’, ‘The Black Keys’, ‘Gaby Moreno’ and many more. He has a unique perspective of the industry and here are some examples of why we think learning from him is guaranteed to be an enriching experience.

Musicians, Producers, Engineers, People have always had to adapt and evolve with the changing times. In this video, Joel talks about what really has changed during this virtual world for musicians.


Evolution is part of the life of a musician and adapting to changing times is the only way to flourish. Joel Hamilton talks about how the more well-rounded you are, the better you can do in this industry. He also talks about the importance of making the most of what you have.


Through this masterclass you can gain insight on the internal process of the producer, musician, and engineer, in the business of making compelling recordings that do well in the marketplace.


Check out this Music Production Webinar with Joel, CEO of MESC Mohit Soni, CEO and founder of Point Blank Music School Rob Cowan, acclaimed composer, producer and singer Salim Merchant hosted by True School co-founder Ashu Phatak. 


Click here to check out his course on True School Online.

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