Foundation School Course- Weekend Batch
The world has entered a new era; one where being good at just one thing is no longer enough. Today, having a diverse skill-set is highly valued. Sure, you have to pay the bills but young professionals are no longer restricting themselves to or defining themselves by just a ‘day job’. This is precisely why we, at The True School of Music, have designed a weekend music course especially for those who are busy through the week but still wish to pursue their passion for music and hone their skills at it. You can choose to learn from a range of instruments in the realm of Western Music through structured, informative, practical and most of all, convenient 1 hour lessons on Saturdays. So don’t hang up your boots just yet; join our weekend foundation course and rediscover your love for music. Because, let’s face it, music is one of those things just worth making time for.
Date & Time
Every Saturday between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Keyboards, guitar, bass, drums, vocals and DJing

Course Structure
12 lessons, 6 rehearsals and 1 performance

Course Duration
3 months minimum

*Special discounts available for students who pay for upwards of 6 months

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