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Brand New Dee MC Track was Mixed and Mastered by TSM Student


Today morning, we were surprised to see one of Mumbai’s finest femcee (female emcee) – Dee MC – release her brand new hip hop track & video on Youtube. We were more elated to know that Dee MC’s track was mixed & mastered by one of our live & studio engineering students – Jaydeep Hora. Check it out & let me know what you think of this collaborative effort….



Hailing from Indore, Jaydeep has been a lover hip hop & its aesthetics since the longest time. He is an excellent beat boxer & has won many nation wide battles in the past. Since he joined True School last year, its good to see that he is applying all the skills that he has picked up in class to help out his peers in the local hip hop community. Recently, he was also interviewed by Red Bull India on being a student at our school. We know that the future is really bright with this young lad, so watch out for all things hip hop from Jaydeep soon. Till then, like & follow his Facebook page.

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