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VIDEO: TSM Original Music Showcase – Radio Joia by Jeroen Batterink


Today we have another video in our Original Music Showcase series & this time its a super energetic one composed by our young & talented drum faculty – Jeroen Batterink – who hails from Amsterdam.


This specific composition actually belongs to Jeroen’s Hands on Universe EP – an independent release under the moniker of Creative City Project, which he is a part of, along with co-producer Wannes Salome. Jeroen chose this piece of music as part of the original music masterclass, which was conducted by our pro faculty team on March 12th 2015. From a short interlude in the EP, the team came together & churned it out into a full fledged composition with a twist.

He was accompanied by Chris Talio on bass, Lennart Altgenug on keys & Sean Richey on guitar. The video was shot & edited by our video department – Kaval Chaudhari & Ritesh Chheda, audio was mixed by our pro sound engineering student – Drona Acharya and produced by our online content editor & curator – Reji Ravindran.

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