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VIDEO: TSM Original Music Showcase – Memory Lane by Lennart Altgenug



In the next video of our original music showcase series, we have a nostalgic composition written by our pro keys faculty – Lennart Altgenug – from the Netherlands. This was a part of the original music masterclass that was conducted & performed by our pro faculty team on March 12th 2015.



Here is what Lennart had to say about his composition in the video above….

“Memory Lane is a composition mainly inspired by classical music and film music. It is an attempt to musically remember and depict the 5 years of my life that I spent in Amsterdam. I tried to compose a well balanced piece by using one motive and develop it through the changes. There is also some melodic movement in the the bassline as well as in the inner voices, which hopefully makes it sound slightly polyphonic. “

For this performance, Lennart Altgenug was accompanied on bass by Chris Talio, on guitar by Sean Richey and on drums by Jeroen Batterink. The video was shot & edited by our video department – Kaval Chaudhari & Ritesh Chheda, audio was mixed by our pro sound engineering student – Drona Acharya and produced by our online content editor & curator – Reji Ravindran.

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