TSM partners with the Point Blank Music School to bring you the best DJ/Entrepreneur Course.

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Point Blank Mumbai has partnered with, the True School of Music (TSM) to provide a unique learning experience for aspiring DJs. This exciting two week DJ/Entrepreneur Course has been developed by Point Blank and is taught by both Point Blank and TSM instructors within TSM’s 17,000 sq ft. state-of-the-art facility on the latest gear provided by our equipment partner, Pioneer DJ. This groundbreaking programme focuses on the essential DJ skills you will need to make it on the big stage as well as connecting you with our extensive music industry contacts in London and Mumbai. In addition to the course itself, you'll share our insiders' view of the city including visits to the main clubs in Mumbai and guest lectures from Leading Figures in the local electronic music scene.


Point Blank is an international institution with roots in London. The school believes that opportunities to participate in higher education should be provided to all those who demonstrate their potential to successfully complete their chosen course of study regardless of their background. Point Blank recognises the benefits to the school and to the wider community, of recruiting a diverse population of students and aims to widen access to higher education.