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True School Introduces Study@Home Programme For Pro Courses


True School’s Study@Home is an innovative, remote learning programme that enables you to pursue a career in music, while not having to deal with the hassle and challenges of moving out of your hometown in the immediate future.
Study@Home allows you to enrol in the first year music courses of True School’s acclaimed 3 year Pro music programmes, and study them from wherever you are. The courses mirror the ones taught on-campus and let you earn the same number of course credits that you can transfer easily to the on-campus music programmes if and when you decide to continue into the second year.

• Taught by True School’s international faculty

• Learn through live classes, quizzes, video examples of concepts, peer reviews, collaborative projects, masterclasses, industry experience and other multimedia-rich content

• Career-focused courses to train you for the music industry

• Access to True Schools teacher and student community for networking and collaboration


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