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Top Myths About Music Careers

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There are a lot of myths that exist for people who plan on becoming musicians or having other music careers. The music industry is always evolving, though it is important to know about these myths while still in school to help make better decisions along the way. Listening to the myths can be very dangerous because it can destroy your career before it has had a chance to get off the ground.

Landing a Record Deal Means I’m Set

Landing a record deal is a start, but it doesn’t mean that you are set, let alone set for life. There are thousands of musicians who sign deals every year, and only a small percentage will earn income from the sales. It’s up to you to work with the record company in order to promote the work. A published recording has the ability to help you with exposure and book more concerts, but it is only one step of the very large picture. It is better for your music career to have a large fan base before you even land a record deal.

Technical Expertise Means Guaranteed Success

You have to have expertise technically, but there needs to be something artistic and creative about your work at the same time. You need to know how to use your technical expertise in such a way that it makes you unique within the music industry. Success will come once you have learned to express yourself, develop a fan base, collaborate with other musicians, and develop a strong stage presence.

A Manager Takes Care of Everything

There are plenty of music professionals who have managers, though they are not responsible for everything. Especially until you “make it big,” you won’t be able to retain a manager that handles the majority of everything for you. You will need to have a strong following to begin with before you can even get a management firm interested in representing you. Ultimately, you have to look at what the manager is and is not going to do for you and then decide if it’s worth the expense.

Entering Competitions is Everything

There are some great competitions that can help you reach a higher level, such as American Idol or the Van Cliburn Piano Competition, but otherwise, you may not get the exposure that you are searching for. Focus on competitions that have diverse audiences so that you can at least try to build your fan base.

Music School Provides the Needed Info for Professional Careers

Music school is essentially what you make of it. You choose which undergraduate and graduate programs you want to participate in. If you are looking for an entrepreneurship education or career development, you need to search for these things within the school that you attend. You may want to talk to a counselor to ensure that you are taking the best classes to help you with a professional career as opposed to focusing solely on an instrument, vocals, or something else.

Once you know more about these myths, you can make better decisions throughout your music education as well as your career.

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