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Top 10 Reasons to Study Music at TSM

The True School of Music (TSM), launched in partnership with The Manhattan School of Music, NYC, is India’s first comprehensive academy of contemporary music. It provides music education of the highest caliber, helping students take the initial steps or continue their journey to higher levels in the music industry. TSM incorporates the best practices from international music and sound pedagogy, but at the same time, relates it to the Indian scenario.

Here’s the top 10 reasons TSM is a great investment for budding musicians:

Contemporary music education at a fraction of the cost

India has been lagging behind the world with regards to contemporary music that includes styles like Jazz, Funk, R&B, Blues, Pop & Rock. There is no avenue easily accessible to Indian aspirants who want to pursue these styles of music. Artists in this country are usually self-taught or learn from friends or mentors. The ones who can afford it spend prohibitive amounts of money for an education abroad. This has resulted in a very narrow and limited knowledge base in India, not fully capable of putting Contemporary Indian Musicians on the world map. TSM provides a world-class education to Indian students at a cost that is almost 1/5th the cost of studying abroad.

Industry focused curriculum and course structure 

The most important aspect of music education is a curriculum that’s highly effective, thoroughly researched and practically relevant to the musical eco-system of a country. Currently, the top sectors where the requirements for music are growing exponentially are Film, Television, Advertising, Digital and Live Performances. The True School of Music has crafted a curriculum, with the help of renowned international and national authors who are masters in their chosen fields, for each of its courses that equips students from various disciplines with the knowledge and resources required to thrive in the sectors mentioned earlier.

International faculty and global music education

The Indian music industry has always been in a bubble of its own, so to speak. It is true that the successful musicians from India have the privilege of experiencing music on a global platform courtesy collaborations but the musicians who are just embarking on their journeys have little or no exposure to the entire spectrum of music education from across the world; The True School of Music offers musicians in India this very opportunity in the form of an all-international faculty. At TSM, faculty members come all the way from USA, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Australia, France and Italy, to share their expertise with and mentor Indian students. This opens students up to various cultures from across the globe and their musical roots, right at the beginning of their music careers, giving them a sound understanding of international trends and also standards of musicality; a holistic experience. And since the curriculum focuses on the Indian Music Industry, all these cultural experiences and international exposure only serves to give students at TSM a contemporary and versatile edge over their peers.

State-of-the-art infrastructure and facility

Spread over 15,000 square feet; The True School of Music is host to the most cutting-edge recording studio, guitar & bass room, drum room, keyboard & vocal room, DJ room with consoles, music production lab with workstations, rehearsal spaces and auditorium for live gigs this country has ever seen. The entire school is wi-fi enabled and also every room is professionally soundproofed and acoustically treated to maximize output. Also, TSM is home to a Facilities Department that is well stocked with every piece of equipment a musician could possibly need. Students at TSM don’t actually need to bring any equipment to school; all they need to do is show up for class.

 Strong industry placements 

As an aspiring music professional, you’d undoubtedly prefer studying at a school that not only educates you but also opens up doors in the world of music; a school that will not leave you high and dry after the completion of your course. If this is how you feel then The True School of Music shares the same vision of music education as you do. With over 80 student placements in various streams like film music, music for advertising, studio sessions and live gigs, TSM gives students the rare opportunity to work on real-world industry projects as part of their educational experience. By the time students complete their respective courses they possess an impressive portfolio of work and a large network of contacts that serve as their stepping stones into the Indian music industry.

Regular masterclasses, talks and activities

The True School of Music does much in terms of contributing towards the musical ecosystem of India through various activities. It hosts regular masterclasses on some very interesting and relevant topics, right from Brazilian music to dance music, from performance techniques to music marketing, every masterclass has a specific topic that is broken down to reveal deep insights regarding that subject. And what’s more, all anyone (yup, you needn’t be a student of TSM) has to do to attend one of these is complete a free online registration. Additionally, the school also consistently hosts True Talks, an interactive discussion where TSM invites industry veterans to drop-in and share their musical journeys and experiences with the attendees. And once again this is at no cost and open to anyone who wants to register. And this is not all, there’s a more in store as far as musical activities at TSM go.

 A fresh and vibrant musical eco-system

Collaboration breeds experimentation and what musicians really need to satisfy their artistic cravings is a space they can use as a blank canvas to showcase their musings. The True School of Music is home to 8 different musical departments, all under one roof. The nature of this system of education seamlessly integrates different departments. In other words, it makes it possible for students from one stream of music to interact and jam with musicians/faculty from another stream, thereby widening the scope for expression, giving birth to new creative collaborations and just making the school a more exciting and inspiring space to make music in.

Located in the heart of India’s music industry

“The right place at the right time”, you may have heard this expression before and also perhaps experienced first-hand why it holds true. It is of utmost importance to be as close as possible to the Indian Music Industry in order to get more work from it. There’s a reason computer programmers go to Silicon Valley to start their careers; it’s because that’s where they are likely to get the most opportunities come their way. By analogy, TSM is a contemporary music school offering an industry-focused music education in none other than the hub of music in India, Mumbai. The sheer barriers to success that musicians from other parts of India face just because of their geographical location is staggering. By joining TSM you are not only eliminating all those barriers but also boosting your chances at getting work that really counts. In this respect, TSM is undeniably the right place for today’s budding musicians to be.

A music school founded by musicians

The True School of Music is the brainchild of 2 very successful music professionals, namely, Ashutosh Phatak and Nitin Chandy. Ashutosh Phatak aka Ashu is a successful music composer in Advertising and Feature Films, having composed over 3000 commercials, 10 features and having released over a dozen albums. He composed music for the acclaimed documentary, Fire in the Blood, which was released in the US in 2012, and was nominated in the World Cinema category at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival 2013. He’s also one of the founding partners of Blue Frog Media Pvt. Ltd., the club that single handedly changed the face of the live independent music scene in India. Nitin Chandy is one of Mumbai’s leading audio engineers, with a career spanning over a decade having worked with eminent music personalities like A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraaja, Howie B, Sivamani and Shankar, Ehsaan & Loy. He has worked on more than 2,000 advertising jingles for some of the biggest brands including Vodafone, Airtel, Economist, Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Nitin was the Chief Technical Officer of Blue Frog Media Pvt. Ltd. and used his expertise in helping Blue Frog carve a niche for itself as India’s premier live music performance venue.

A name that holds true value in the industry
Since its conception in September 2013, The True School of Music has very quickly come to be known as the go-to school for a contemporary music education in India. Various music industry veterans, both from the commercial and independent realm, have not only praised its vision but have also signed up to either teach at TSM or be on academic advisory board. The school is growing in leaps and bounds and with the passage of time a certificate from The True School of Music is going to be one of the most powerful things musicians can possess in their arsenal.

The True School of Music currently has over 200 enrolled students pursuing their musical journeys. Hopefully, you now have enough reasons to embark on yours.


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