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The Music Video Isn’t Dead


Many people think that the music video died when MTV changed their direction. While MTV is no longer the home of music videos, there is still a market for artists to use music video as a form of marketing their music.

Whether you are just starting off or you have been making music for years, it can be advantageous to create a music video. It doesn’t have to be a high-cost production. You don’t need a significant amount of CG, and you don’t have to hire a world-class director.

Simply playing your music in front of a crowd, or playing your music with the close-up of how you work with the instruments can be sufficient for a music video. It will allow people to interact with your music in a different way, and they will be able to see how you perform.

There are several benefits to creating a music video. The first is that it will allow you to create a new medium for your music. Many people are interested in the visual just as much as they are the audio. You will have the ability to create videos and load them onto the Internet. Sites like YouTube are perfect for displaying your video. You can also load them into Facebook and various other social media platforms.

When you have a video on the Internet, it makes it easier for people to find you. It is effective as a search tool, and it will make it easier for people to learn who you are. People may be searching on YouTube as opposed to the various music sites, so they may come across your music video before they come across one of your music tracks.

Another reason to create a music video is to show just how well you play. Many people are suspicious as to how a person can be that good. They assume that much of it is borrowed from other sources or that it is mixed in with other music. By creating a video, you show that it is actually you playing. When you have a really great stage presence, it can also help you to receive more bookings. When you want to play live, many venues want to see a music video first.

The video will allow you to show off just how well you can manage the stage. You can choose a live performance as your video, or you can simply record yourself on a stage with no crowd at all. When people can see your look and hear your music at the same time, it can give them the information they need to determine whether they are going to book you for a show.

Music videos can be created almost instantly. With smart phones and digital video cameras, all you have to do is hit record. You can then load onto the Internet directly from the device.

Whether you are still in music school or you have already graduated, establishing some music videos of yourself can be a great career move.

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