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The Importance of Finding Music Inspiration

VARIOUS - 1967

All of the greatest musicians have their inspiration. During interviews, you hear guitarists talking about Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. You hear pianists talking about Ray Charles and Martha Algerich. When you hear drummers, they are talking about Keith Moon and Charlie Watts. Hearing who some of your favorite musicians look up to can help you to put things into perspective.

You can never become “one of the greats” without first appreciating who the greats are within the world of music. Study music history as it will tell you about the various instruments and how they evolved. The style in which the instruments have been played has changed throughout time, and there are some musicians who have revolutionized various instruments.

Keith Moon has changed the drum setup drastically. It is no longer just a few drums. It is a full set that has a lot more to bang on and this became popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s. He never practiced. He simply felt the music, and it was obvious within moments of hearing him that he was one of the greats. While he is no longer around, his music lives on within those who inspire to be as great as he was.

Eric Clapton is another one of the greats. He brought the guitar into center stage, right next to the lead singer. The lead guitarist is just as important as anyone else on stage, if not more important. However, Clapton did his research, and he gives credit to BB King and many others in terms of how he was able to define and tune his own style.

It doesn’t matter whether you are vocals or you play an instrument. There is inspiration to be found to help you perfect your art form and take it to the next level. You can never truly call yourself revolutionary until you know who has already revolutionized the instrument you play and the genre of music you enjoy playing.

There is much to be learned through music history and you can do much of the research on your own, outside of class. Find a musician or group that you listen to in present day that you appreciate. Then go in search of interviews with them on who they say have inspired them. Now go and listen to those musicians and listen to the differences. You are going to pick up on a lot of different sounds between your modern day favorites and their favorites who served as inspiration.

When you listen to an array of artists, including those who have changed the way that music is played, you are likely going to feel inspired. This will lead you to learning more about how to hone your craft. You can make the most of your practice sessions and go on to become a more successful musician because you have an appreciation for those who have come before you.

Know your inspiration because one day, you could be the one being interviewed, and people are going to want to know what your music inspiration was.

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