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The Importance of Appearing Live


When you are seeking a music career, it is important that you don’t always stay behind the scenes. You need to prove what you can do, and this means appearing live. A big part of the music career involves taking to the stage and no one is going to invest in your future if they don’t think that you can do what needs to be done on the stage.

There are plenty of music careers that involve going on stage. This includes musicians, singers, and DJs. You will need to appear live, which means you cannot always hide within the recording studio. At some point, you will need to focus on booking gigs so that you can share your music with people in a live atmosphere.

You can start off small, choosing venues that don’t fit a lot of people. This could be a restaurant, nightclub, or small community event. As word gets around that you are able to perform live, and do it well, you may be invited to larger venues. You may be asked to open for a larger and more popular group, or you may be asked to headline a community event.

Playing in front of people can be difficult, and not everyone can do it. Appearing live allows you to build up your ability to perform in front of the masses, and this will only help you throughout your career.

There are many musicians that started out in very small venues. BB King, Eric Clapton, and countless others started at bars and worked their way up to amphitheaters that seat 50,000+ people. There are also plenty of musicians that go back to their roots and perform live simply as a way of giving back to the community and helping with their overall reputation. Bruce Springsteen recently played a show in New Jersey for two hours.

This means that even as you continue to grow in popularity, you will want to perform live. This is why so many bands will go on tour, and will often time it around an album release. It’s not always easy being out on the road, but it can lead to a larger fan base, which helps to produce revenue and maintain popularity.

Even if you are a songwriter, you may need to perform your own lyrics live from time to time as a way of gaining an audience. You cannot expect to write lyrics without being able to perform them on your own. Performing your own lyrics can give you an insight into your audience’s reactions that you cannot gain otherwise. Some of the best songwriters have even gone on to have a complete music career in performance, including Robin Thicke and Ed Sheeran.

While you are in music school, you want to be thinking about the venues that you want to perform in based off your career goals and the type of music you produce. You may even be able to book venues while you are still in school to show off your talents and have career opportunities waiting for you upon graduation.

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