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The Bridge to Musical Professionalism

The True Schol of Music’s latest offering, The Pr Pro Program, serves as the ideal course prepping relative beginners for further music studies and endeavors.

Music has and always will be one of the most moving art forms; not just on a personal level but also on the aspirational front.  Successful performers and producers have proven, time and again, to be a great source of inspiration for scores of budding musicians. And if you’re reading this, you definitely relate to that

The easy part: knowing if you want to make music; the tough part: knowing how to go about it, especially if you have little or no prior training and only a gut feeling pushing you to pursue a career in music. The Pre Pro Program makes that tough part a whole lot easier.


Designed to be a 1-year intensive bridge course that accepts beginners and brings them up to par in musical skill, knowledge and proficiency, The Pre Pro Program gives its students all the resources they need to enroll for the Pro School Courses offered at the True School of Music.

The level of musicality an applicant possesses will be gauged through an audition process conducted by TSM faculty and founders.  Additionally, if you’re not a beginner you have the option of testing out of levels and getting enrolled in a relevant term.

The Pre Pro Program at a glance

There are 4 levels a student needs to complete to be Pre Pro Certified. Each level is 3 months long but unlike the Pro School modules that are also independent of each other, increases in difficulty, both theoretically and practically.  Students can enter either as performers or producers; the two main career streams this course offers.

Faculty members for this program are successful musicians from across the globe who’ve studied music at prestigious music schools like the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, California Institute of the Arts and the Conservatory of Amsterdam, to name a few. They each have completed degrees in music, won scholarships and have been dedicated to their art and instruments for over a decade, both as artists as well as teachers of the art.

The Lesson Plan:

Performance Students:

3 classes a week; 1 theory, 1 instrument and 1 ensemble.

Music Production Students:

3 classes a week; 1 theory, 1 keyboard and 1 music production.

Cost: Rs. 88,000/- + Service Tax, Per Level.

Duration: 1 year, 4 quarters, 4 levels.

Now, anybody who wants to pursue a career in music, actually can.

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