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Music Production Tips & Tricks – Part 1

‘As an aspiring music producer, earlier on in the process, we do tend to get confused and sidetracked with the amount of valuable and the not so valuable information which is out there for us. The Dos and Don’ts of Music production and the hows and ifs and the endless banter that comes with it. […]

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Ensemble Performances In A Pandemic

There is no question that the pandemic and the lockdown has taken a mental and physical toll on artists. It has also provided an opportunity for them to come up with innovative ways to keep those creative juices flowing. Pre-pandemic, the True School Pro Night was a special event that the entire school, especially the […]

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6 Benefits Of Doing A Live Sound Course

Head of our Pro Sound Department, Kishore Banan writes down 6 benefits of learning Sound Engineering professionally. 1. Learn about sound systems and how to optimize their quality Loudspeaker technology can go from very simple to highly sophisticated, while the fundamental principle of the speaker system transducers remains very similar to the early inventions, it […]

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True School of Music Has Partnered with Vijaybhoomi University

  We’re proud to announce that we are shifting our school to Vijaybhoomi University, India’s first liberal professional university, to offer our highly acclaimed professional courses as music degrees in a 55-acre eco-friendly campus at Karjat. Some of the highlights of this new step are as follows: DEGREE PROGRAMMES: All our Pro students will now […]

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The Curriculum of the Future

Written by Saurav Ghosh, Associate Dean, True School. The curriculum of our future should be one that is dynamic, responsive, integrated, and reflective of our world. Many of our education systems today still primarily rely on what was deemed appropriate and necessary for the industrial age. It is no longer sufficient to possess technical expertise […]

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The New Now

True School founder Ashu Phatak shares his opinion about the present situation and the steps musicians can take for a better future. “I’m a musician – what now?” Hi, I’m Ashu, co-founder of the True School of Music. A few musicians and parents of our students had approached me for advice on ‘What to do […]

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True School Brings Professional Music Education to Wherever You Are

March 2020 has probably found a place in history as the starting point of mass digital transformation across sectors at a pace never seen before. Overnight, social distancing and working from home have become widely accepted norms, and so did remote learning, a concept not novel by any means, but one that was sidelined for […]

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