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True School is a melting pot of diverse musical influences, inspiring ideas and rich culture. It’s only natural for bands to emerge from the strong bonds students form on campus.


Kirdaar is a five-piece Hindi rock band based in Mumbai. With a sonically fresh approach to music, they draw inspiration from various artists around the world and are influenced by Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Porcupine Tree, Indian Ocean, and Parvaaz to name a few. They write songs that define various emotions and phases of human life. Their songwriting is highly influenced by philosophical poetries and stories.

The Latecomers

If nerves weren't enough, a snoozing alarm clock, a broken handle on the taxi, and a super excited puppy all connived to ensure that James, Ryan, Geet and Umang were late for their first ever audition. Ever since, they have been known as The Latecomers; a moniker that serves to remind them to never let it happen again. The Latecomers love a new take on old things, messing around with and reworking everything from good old jazz standards to cheesy pop tunes. For The Latecomers, no genre is off-limits and no idea is bad (unless, of course, said idea involves Geet taking a bass solo after every chorus). The Latecomers are a quartet from Mumbai who love messing around with jazz standards, pop tunes and everything in between.

James Miranda - Horns, Keys & Kitchen Utensils
Ryan Sequiera - Drums, Cajon & Other Noisy Things
Geet Gupta - Bass (but only till he learns a third chord on the piano)
Umang Mehta - Vox, Guitar & Chai

Peach Envy

Peach Envy is a 5-piece R&B, Soul and Alternative band, based out of Mumbai, inspired to make and perform contemporary music. With a sonically fresh approach to music in general, they draw inspiration from various artists around the world. They believe there’s always more than what meets the eye and they aim to reflect that in their music. They are influenced by a wide range of artists and musicians such as The Beatles, John Mayer, Hiatus Kaiyote, Blackstratblues and many more.

Anand Masrani - Bass
Somayan Banerjee - Drums
Hardik Pandya - Keyboards
Tiana Taraporvala - Vocals
Purnet Moirangthem - Vocals / Guitars

Maand Gara

Maand Gara is an experimental fusion project based out of Mumbai. Their set includes a mix of rock, funk, jazz and other styles as they draw inspiration from various artists around the world. Maand Gara aims to play music that enlightens, empowers, makes you laugh, dance and cry. After all, what is a story if it does none of these! They have had the privilege to play at Palm Expo 2019, The Little Door, The Stables, Above The Habitat and one of the biggest college cultural fest of Asia, Mood Indigo 2019.

Abhinav Lama - Guitar
Somayan Bannerjee - Drums
Hardik Pandya - Synth & Piano
Arnav Lou Fernandes - Bass

Mukti Funk

Formed in 2017 Mukti Funk is an experimental/collaborative project based in Mumbai. Their songs are an amalgamation of different genres of music and they like to collaborate with different musicians to add a different flavour. They released their music video ‘Kashmir’ in August 2018, featuring Karun Kanampilly on Drums and Adil Kurwa on Bass.

Ishaan Mehta - Guitar
Bharat Chandore - Drums / Percussion
Akshay Dabhadkar - Keys / Production


Queendom is a vocal trio formed in the year 2019 and is a delicate balance of individuality and cohesion with three vocalists uniting to take their listeners on a journey to a celestial state of mind. Post the formation of the group, they have already played at events like Palm Expo, 2019 and Live at VH1 On World Music Day.

Ananya Sharma
Damini Gautam
Brecilla Dsouza

My Kind of Blue

Formed in August, 2016, My Kind Of Blue is an Alternative Soul/RnB band from Mumbai. Taking influences from Janis Joplin, Hiatus Kaiyote, Ella Fitzgerald and Hozier, their songs are based on their own life experiences and have a dark undertone with groovy heart thumping, hip shaking and resonating rhythm, creating an addicting environment one can’t help but be pulled into!

Brecilla D'souza - Vocals, Keyboards
Pranav Kamat - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Varisha Tanna - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Nikhil Nair - Bass
Hardik Mehta - Drums

Aankh Micholi

Aankh Micholi is a five-piece Indian folk rock band. They experiment with different genres and blend them together with poetic storytelling to create a fresh new sound for themselves. Their compositions, combined with their insane energy and colourful vibe have garnered a dedicated fan following. They make it a point to involve the listeners in their songs, making them groove, dance and sing along to their music!

Osho Jain - Vocals / Guitar
Pankaj Pathe - Guitar
Hansel Dias - Bass / Backing Vocals
Bharat Chandore - Drums / Backing Vocals
Akshay Dabhadkar - Keys / Production

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