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Students Recreate ‘Earth Song’ on World Nature Conservation Day

On 28th July 2020, 25 musicians across India came together digitally, to release a rendition of the classic Michael Jackson track “Earth Song”. This was released on ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ as a collaborative effort to educate people and create a sense of enlightenment about what has been going on as a repercussion of human actions. While the lockdown has been a cage to many beings, it has definitely triggered a sense of introspection in these young minds to go save the planet and #KeepItAlive! True School is proud of our students for this effort.


Shrey Anjania
Swanand Thakur

Voice Over
Kimberly Lisa Van’Drine

Lead Vocals

Brecilla D’souza
Kimberly Lisa Van’Drine
Mallika Soni

Abhinav Lama Tamang
Swanand Thakur
Vedant Thakur

Keys & Synths
Hardik Pandya

Music Production/Orchestration/Bass Guitar
Shrey Anjania

Ananya Sharma
Jasveer Singh Kalra
Jehan Sahukar
Kavya Nair
Kelly D’lima
Kunal D’costa
Rajat Sharma
Shanaia Shrotri
Shanelle Ferreira
Shikha Sonik
Tanmoy Guha
Tiana Taraporvala

Mix Engineer
Rachit Manchalwar

Mastering Engineer
Hersh Desai

Video Editor
Robin George Thomas

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