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Ensemble Performances In A Pandemic

There is no question that the pandemic and the lockdown has taken a mental and physical toll on artists. It has also provided an opportunity for them to come up with innovative ways to keep those creative juices flowing. Pre-pandemic, the True School Pro Night was a special event that the entire school, especially the […]

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Students Recreate ‘Earth Song’ on World Nature Conservation Day

On 28th July 2020, 25 musicians across India came together digitally, to release a rendition of the classic Michael Jackson track “Earth Song”. This was released on ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ as a collaborative effort to educate people and create a sense of enlightenment about what has been going on as a repercussion of human […]

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Student Showcase – Mukti Funk

Mukti Funk was formed as a result of the students coming together and playing for each other’s final showcases at school. “We really enjoyed playing and making music with each other and decided to take it a step forward,” says Ishaan Mehta, the guitar player. He has been listening to a lot of A.R. Rahman […]

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Meet the Students – Akhil Sindhwani

Akhil Sindhwani – Bassist Projects :- Absolution, Dwam Society, Swarantar, Solfege 1. If you could be one other artist for a day, who would you choose and why? Maybe an inventor of some sort. Could be science. Could be any other thing as well. 2. How and why did you pick bass? I learnt classical […]

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5 Ways To Identify A True School Music Production Student – by Noteorious

At the True School of Music, one of the most all-round courses is the music production course. From songwriting, to sound engineering, to arranging, the music production guys have it covered. Here are some basic tips to identify our MP students, as we fondly call them: 1) Look In The MP Labs: Look into any […]

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Brand New Dee MC Track was Mixed and Mastered by TSM Student

Dee MC

  Today morning, we were surprised to see one of Mumbai’s finest femcee (female emcee) – Dee MC – release her brand new hip hop track & video on Youtube. We were more elated to know that Dee MC’s track was mixed & mastered by one of our live & studio engineering students – Jaydeep Hora. […]

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