Here’s what the students of True School have to say about their experience studying here.


“Being a part of the 1st batch at True School was truly a gift. Everyone took steps together; it was always like a family. I’ve seen the number of students at True School grow steadily. The individual attention and advice students are given at True School is truly what pushes us to work harder and learn better. It was instrumental in my decision to continue studying music at LIPA (Liverpool Institute of the Performing Arts).True School encouraged me to sing regularly at gigs and as part of my DJ course I performed at Sunburn 2013. After this, I was inspired to form my band “HICARI” in my first year. Its an exciting time for me as HICARI’s song ‘Don’t stop’ was played on BBC introducing and the song has been selected by “The Best Of British Unsigned” across 70 radio stations. I definitely feel that my experience at True School played a big part in my achievements today.”

Twitter: @Shayaan_HICARI | Sound cloud: | Instagram: Shayaan_HICARI

Shayaan Oshidar, Pro Vocals, DJ


“The faculty takes active interest in making sure every student individually benefits from the course and rectifies their personal shortcomings even though the enrollment at True School keeps increasing each year. Its nice how they share their knowledge and expertise to make us a replica of them talent and skill-wise. As for the infrastructure, anyone who comes to True School has the same thing to say, that its a universe of its own where you start your day with some drum beats and end with a band jamming to their tunes in the band practice room! Its all so dreamy, its all of worth it.”

Rohini Sekhar, Pro Western Vocals


“Joining a prestigious school like True School is like undergoing a kind of metamorphosis in your life, transforming you into something that you’ve never felt existed in you. It’s like a gift; it never fails to provide you with the best possible experience, all in just 15000 sq. ft of nothing but pure music. As a music production student for 1½ years, True School has entirely changed my outlook towards how I work, manage and perform tasks, my decision making process and how to make myself sound better. The international faculty makes it even more inspiring and intense and the worldwide exposure that they bring with them keeps you grounded to reality. This has been an exhilarating journey for me and it has enriched me with knowledge way beyond my expectations.”

Calvin D’Silva, Pro Music Production and CD DJ


“My time at the school has been nothing short of amazing. Engaging with faculty from all over the world has not only helped me understand music better but also hear music in a completely different way. As a sound engineering student myself, the knowledge I get from the teachers is just top class and getting to apply it in real life feels just amazing. Creatively, it has broadened my horizons tenfold as you get to hear and work on a different idea everyday, be it from the teachers or fellow students. The facilities and the gear I get to practice my trade on is simply outstanding and I can step out into the real world feeling confident about the theoretical and practical knowledge I have received from the school.”

Drona Acharya, Pro Sound


“I came to True School only with a passion for music and willingness to work hard. I couldn’t read music, and pretty much didn’t understand anything about music education or the music business. With Ashu’s guidance, and under the mentorship of amazing International Faculty, by the time I finished my course at True School, I’d had the honour of playing with artists such as Fazal Qureshi, Ravi Chary, Dhruv Ghanekar and Sheldon D’silva to name a few. True School not only marked my entry into the professional music industry in Mumbai, but also carved a path for me to further my music studies at Humber School Of Performing Arts in Toronto, where I’m studying now, under Larnell Lewis (Snarky Puppy) and other amazing Grammy award winning musicians. My journey seriously started with True School, and I hope to be back there soon, to give back to younger music students studying there!”

Agneya Chikte, Pro Drums


“In the 8 months that I have been at True School, I have grown as an artist tremendously. True School has given me a platform to showcase my talent at various venues across the city. I played 8 gigs in October which changed my life completely. Once you have gotten on stage and performed, warts and all, you get to access your work at real-time and you get the opportunities to taste what your real work in the industry could be like. So at the end of the course, you feel equipped to take on whatever the industry has to offer you.”

Vedant Joshi, Pro Western Vocals


“Studying with a faculty from different cultural and musical backgrounds gave me an insight into how different people are influenced in different ways and how that gave them their own original sound. The technical knowledge I received also helped me get the required sound in different environments. The multi-cultural faculty tends you give you a much wider influential canvas to draw inspiration from. So one doesn’t just learn the technicalities of a stream, but is exposed to the core of what makes different musicians the way they are. That, in fact, is highly valuable.”

Arman Tejani, Pro Sound


“The curriculum is unmatchable to anything that I’ve ever seen before. I Love being in school and spend up to 10 hours a day here. The environment in the campus makes you feel motivated. In past 6 months, I have not only learned music, but explored my self as an artist and performer which has also helped me in getting gigs. The biggest asset of the school is its connect with the music industry. Students stay connected with Masterclasses, workshops and celebrities visits.”

Ashar Khan, Pro Music Production


“It has been one year now since I have joined the Music Production course at True School. It gave me the foundation to strengthen myself musically and also gave me the understanding to be able to see world music with a different perspective. It is a place where you are taught by teachers from around the globe and with students from around the country. Also I got many opportunities in this one year to work with industry professionals and gain valuable experience.
The amazing facilities and awesome studio setup just add up more to the right kind of environment which inspires you to create and produce the music you love. Simply, True School Of Music.”

Agni Ruhela, Pro Music Production


School has never been so much fun. What made me join True School? When I entered True School during the admission fair in March/April 2015, I knew that I had found something, for which I had been waiting for long. Right from the entrance, to practice rooms, classes, auditorium, DJ consoles, guitars, drums, to name a few. To be honest, mentally I had made up my mind to enrol for a DJ course. There I met Ashutosh Pathak (Founder) who was kind enough to lend me his ear and encourage me to pursue music. Uri’s Demo class and Reji’s guidance to pick the right course, further confirmed my belief in joining here. While going through the Prospectus, there was a write up by Julia (CEO) which had a tremendous impact on me. “I know you are reading this because music is at the very core of who you are” – Just what I wanted to hear! Uri’s teachings are going to stay with me forever. He has made every effort to teach me and pass on all the knowledge from his vast experience. Giving every bit of information, constantly adding value to me. I have never looked forward to attending school, the way I have looked forward to attending Uri’s classes. Master Classes gave me a wider perspective with regards to music.

Mahesh Patil, Pro DJ


“The True School of Music is the best thing to happen to the ever growing community of musicians in Mumbai. It’s a great place to meet people who are as crazy about music as you are. The world class facilities, brilliant international faculty, the positive vibes of the place itself, is a great reason to be here. The past 1 year that I’ve been here I have improved greatly as a musician and as a performer. You get to learn so much here, from rock to jazz, from classical to funk and Latin. And its fun to meet and jam with so many different kinds of musicians under 1 roof.”

Hansel Dias, Pro Bass


“It’s great learning under an international faculty because it provides us with perspectives from different cultures and learning systems.”

Mallika Barot, Pro Western Vocals


“The Pro Program at True School has helped me with the ability to tune in and contribute to almost any style ranging from Rock,Funk, Latin to Jazz.”

Adil Kurwa, Pro Bass