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Student Showcase – Mukti Funk

Mukti Funk was formed as a result of the students coming together and playing for each other’s final showcases at school. “We really enjoyed playing and making music with each other and decided to take it a step forward,” says Ishaan Mehta, the guitar player. He has been listening to a lot of A.R. Rahman while Akshay Dabhadkar who plays the keys in the band has been listening to Radiohead. Bharat Chandore, the drummer has been listening to Bipul Chettri. This diversity contributes to the sound of Mukti Funk.

The video below was recorded at Grey Spark Studios in Pune. They collaborated with True School Faculty members, Karun Kannampilly (Auxiliary Drum Kit) and Adil Kurwa (Bass) for this track which is called ‘Kashmir’. “Recording at Gray Spark was great, they were really warm and helpful. We wanted to track and shoot a video of us playing live, hence we wanted to go to a studio that sounded and looked good. We asked around and found out about Gray Spark studios through some colleagues.”

The band is in the process of recording their next song and shooting a video for it as well. They are also preparing a live set and are excited to start gigging. They call themselves a collaborative experimental band and like their first collaboration, the next single will feature a choir and they plan to collaborate and feature different musicians on their tracks.

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