Our alumnus, Ashar Anis Khan released a new song with Zee Music Company recently which has got over 100,000 views. We asked him a few questions about his experience and his journey so far.

1. Tell us a little about your association with Zee Music Company for this release.
Well, to release a song with a well-known label is always a dream and when it comes to something like Zee I was really nervous. But as they say, if your product is good, if you work hard and your heart is clean then nothing can go wrong. I went to zee and by that time the song was completely ready. I made them hear the song and the first thing they asked me was when should they release it. I was a bit confused because all this was happening too quickly. This was my very first original and it was getting released across the globe and also on national television so I consider myself very lucky. God is great!

2. What was the process of creation for Seher and how long did it take from ideation to recording to post-production?
The entire process took around 3 months from ideation to completion. During Ramadan, the actor of the song, Salman and I were thinking of doing a project together. I met Alish at a music conference where we were discussing our future projects and he told me that he writes and he narrated some of his work to me and I was totally blown away by the maturity in his writing. He is only 23 years old! I loved his poem ‘Rehne Do’ and decided to work on it. I went to Amit Sawant with whom I worked on the production of the song. A lot of changes were done to the track and I simultaneously started meeting the Director and DOP to work on ideas for the music video. After around 6 to 7 rounds of changes to the final track, we presented it to Zee and it got approved without any changes.

3. What’s next?
I also have a production company called Sifar. I am now focusing on making original music. I believe that covering songs is okay but you have to showcase your originality because that is how people will recognize your talent and abilities. So, a new song definitely soon and a bunch of other exciting projects!

You can the original music video for Ashar’s original composition, ‘Seher‘ below.

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