The True School of Music strives to ensure its students get the most out of their experience at True School. Be it Masterclasses, Live Sessions, Active Listening Classes, Gyan Sessions, Open Mic Nights, Workshops, etc. we make sure our students get exposed to the best in the industry.


Gyan Session 101 – How To Land A Gig

Gyan Sessions by Girish “Bobby” Talwar (Co-Founder NH7 and OML)

In this Session, Girish “Bobby” Talwar, bassist of India’s most successful alternative acts, Zero, simplified the process of landing a gig.


Gyan Session 202 – The Music Business Eco-System

With Girish ‘Bobby” Talwar (Co-founder NH7/OML)

In this Gyan Session, Girish “Bobby” Talwar, bassist of one of India’s most successful acts, Zero, covered everything from Marketing yourself as a musician to copyright law.


True Talk – Indian Ocean

“Play with people who are better than you! Constantly challenge yourself as a musician” -Raghu Ram, Indian Ocean

“Learning never stops” -Ranjit Barot

It was wonderful to host so many people wanting to follow their True Calling ‘Music’ at our TSM Admissions Fair.


Open Mic Nights

TSM organises Open Mic Nights every month for students to showcase their talent. Students from any course and free to collaborate with anyone within TSM or do a solo performance.


True Talk – Abhinay Deo

Campus Tours, Counselling, Career Talks! That what our last Admissions Fair looked like with guest speaker Abhinay Deo, the man behind Delhi Belly and Hit Television series 24. He touched upon topics like how his love for film making is similar to that of music and discusssed opportunities in todays time in the media Industry.


True Talk – Ehsaan Noorani

India’s favourite singer/songwriter Ehsaan Noorani visited TSM to talk about his journey in music and how to make it big in the music industry today.


True Talk – Louis Banks, Gino Banks and Sheldon DSilva


True Talk – Salim Merchant

What a great turnout we witnessed of budding musicians! It indeed was a brilliant seminar; from Salim Merchant being in awe of our campus to insightful discussions on multiple opportunities the music industry has to offer.


Masterclass – The Arne Jensen Trio

This very special Jazz Masterclass was conducted by the renowned Arne Jansen Trio. This one-of-a-kind 4 hour long Masterclass was exceptionally informative and inspiring to the huge audience that attended.


Masterclass – Deconstructing Dilla

This Masterclass, curated by Laurens Beijer and our PRO Faculty, deconstructed J Dilla’s beat wizardry right from his early airy fender rhodes and handclaps to the eclectic genre-melding music he created later.

StudentExp_Bulgarian music

Masterclass – Bulgarian Music

True School Pro Bass Faculty Mihail Ivanov as he took the audience on a journey through the History, Structure, Rhythm and Melody of the traditional Bulgarian instruments.


Masterclass – D’Angelo’s Voodoo

TSM Pro Drum Faculty, Jonas Kroper in this masterclass took us through the history, concept and musical influences of D’Angelo’s neo-soul album “Voodoo”. The Masterclass also featured a live performance of D’Angelos songs.


True Talk – Lucky Ali

True School students were treated to an exclusive talk by legendary singer/composer, Lucky Ali. Apart from guiding students on composition techniques, he also spoke about his musical journey and some of his best work.