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The True School of Music


Learn music professionally from the comfort of your home

True School’s Study@Home is an innovative, remote learning programme that enables you to pursue a career in music, while not having to deal with the hassle and challenges of moving out of your hometown in the immediate future.

Study@Home allows you to enrol in the first year music courses of True School’s acclaimed 3 year Pro music programmes, and study them from wherever you are. The courses mirror the ones taught on-campus, and let you earn the same number of course credits that you can transfer easily to the on-campus music programmes if and when you decide to continue into the second year.

  • Learning and teaching methods include live classes, quizzes, video examples of concepts, peer reviews, collaborative projects, masterclasses, industry experience and other multimedia rich content

  • Taught by True school’s international faculty

  • Opt-in to purchase a complete instrument/equipment bundle along with the course to start performing/producing from home

  • Career-focussed courses to train you for the music industry

  • Access to True Schools teacher and student community for networking and collaboration



Peer Interaction

Live Lessons

Interactive Quizzes

Group Discussions

Gear Bundles Available

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Study@Home music programmes have significantly lower fees compared to the on-campus music programmes, and when combined with the living expenses of Mumbai, Study@Home offers an unparalleled, high quality music education that is very affordable.


Study@Home music programmes are taught by the same faculty and industry practitioners who teach our on-campus music programmes, using a highly interactive learning technology platform, custom designed for arts and music education.


Teachers use live and pre-recorded videos to introduce concepts and to demonstrate practical techniques, while you will learn through activities such as writing music, practising your instrument, making recordings of your performances, composing, arranging and programming music, recording, editing, mixing and mastering music, reviewing and commenting on peer work, etc., to name a few.


Study@Home is a true virtual campus, where music students from different parts of the world interact and collaborate with faculty and peers through live video, chats, discussion boards and social media integration to form strong social and professional connections while mastering the art of music making, making it your gateway to the global professional music community.


The Study@Home features the first year music courses of True School’s acclaimed 3 year Pro music programmes that are nationally recognised and internationally accepted for credit articulation to leading Universities abroad.

fill in your details to know more about the course. Move towards a career in music today

The True School of Music



The True School of Music's Pro Music Production courses prepares you for exciting careers in the music and film industry. You will learn to compose, arrange, program and produce music for artists, films, ads and games from faculty who are experienced industry professionals, and you have the option to add a specialisation in Bollywood or Electronic Music. The courses are certified by the Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) India and also provides you the option to earn a B.Sc (Hons) degree from the University of Hertfordshire, London or a B.A (Hons) degree from Point Blank, London.

Accommodation assistance is available for all outstation students.

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Highly Qualified Faculty

The Professional faculty at The True School of Music comprises Post Graduates from a number of prestigious music schools from around the world as well as prestigious artists and educators who are trained teachers in their respective instruments. They are working music professionals in their own right, many with records and tours under their belts.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities are truly world class with equal attention paid to each room and the equipment that goes in it to ensure our spaces are functional and are inspirational to learn, play and hone your craft.

Real Work Experience

You get to combine practical study, real life work experience and the opportunity to network with employers through True School's exclusive internship/work-placement programme with leading employers in the music industry.

Career Opportunities in Music

With global revenues exceeding US$40 bn from cinema, television, advertising, video games and music, the steady need for a wide variety of content offers excellent career possibilities for skilled music producers. Studying at TSM in Mumbai places you right at the centre of India’s growing entertainment industry.

Centre of Excellence

True School is the first school in India that is a MESC certified Centre of Excellence for music and sound engineering courses. We are also an Avid Learning Partner. These partnerships ensure that you have access to the latest equipment and software that drive today’s music and audio industry to learn and practice music production skills.


The True School of Music is India’s first and foremost music-training institute. It has been instructing music industry professionals since 2013 and is the gold standard for educating future artistes. producers, sound engineers, composers, DJ’s and music business executives, readying them for a career in India’s burgeoning music scene. With international faculty, world standard curriculum, state of the art facilities and unrivalled industry connections, True School has established itself as the vanguard of modern music training in India.

Located in Mumbai, it beats at the very heart of India’s entertainment capital. It is a centre of eclectic culture, vibrant collaboration, unique creativity and solid community. We welcome beginners to advanced learners, hobbyists to serious players. Whatever your ambition, we have a course that will get you there!

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