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    The True School of Music in partnership with Point Blank London offers professional DJ courses in Mumbai that help you master DJ techniques from the very best in the industry, using top-notch gear from Pioneer DJ. Set in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world, these innovative courses developed by Point Blank are taught by Point Blank certified DJ instructors at True School. These are the first and the only Point Blank courses in India that focus on the essential DJ skills you need to make it on the big stage. Our graduates benefit from extensive music industry contacts in London and Mumbai, and perform their first club gig even before completing the course.


    International Certificate

    Successful graduates of the Pro DJ courses receive joint certification from True School and Point Blank, London. Point Blank won the 'Best Independent HE' category at the What Uni Awards and we teach the same content in Mumbai. Point Blank also won the 'Exporting Education' award at the Independent Higher Education Awards 2018 because of successful establishment of international schools such as the Mumbai campus.

    State of the Art Facilities

    The DJ facility at TSM is exclusively equipped with top of the line Pioneer DJ equipment, ranging from CDJ-2000 NXS/NXS2, CDJ-900 NXS, DJM-900 NXS2, PLX-1000 Turntables, DJM-750 MK2, XDJ-1000 MK2, DDJ-RX/RXZ, XDJ-RX2, and RMX-1000. The classroom is equipped with 11 fully kitted workstations, allowing individual equipment access for every student.

    Individual Practice Time

    In addition to instructor led classes where you have access to a personal workstation, you will get ample individual practice time outside of class to perfect your DJ skills. You will also get individual consultancy with faculty to discuss your personal progress and career aspirations.

    Career Opportunities

    True School has excellent industry links with professional DJs, clubs, performance venues, event companies, and DJ equipment and pro audio stores. You will have many opportunities to meet key decision makers and influencers of the industry and expand your professional network to build a successful DJ career. As part of the course, you will perform a leading Mumbai club, showcasing your talent to the public.

    Student Life

    True School is a melting pot of a wide variety of music, cultural influences and lifestyle of over 400 students and faculty from all over the world. In addition to DJ students, you will meet aspiring performers, music producers and sound engineers on campus, and have limitless possibilities to make musical connections with like minded individuals.