Pro Music Performance - Keyboard

The Pro Music Performance Keyboard course is aimed at creating a versatile performer. This course will familiarise you with a wide range of technique exercises aimed at developing a strong command over the instrument, essential harmonic and rhythmic concepts, sight reading skills and the art of solo as well as band performance.Successful completion of the course will also enable you to perform genres like jazz, blues, rock, R&B, soul and funk confidently. Our curriculum is designed by experienced educators and professional performers. The pro courses are primarily taught during the weekdays and are meant for those who are determined to pursue a career in music.

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 Pro Music Performance - Keyboard


  • A prospective student entering at level 1 needs to show the desire and ability to improve as a player/singer. They need to have a basic knowledge of their instrument or show an aptitude to grasp the fundamentals of music.
  • To prepare for the audition a prospective student will have to prepare a set of pieces, preferably in different styles. From this, we will be able to assess their skill level on their instrument so the student can be placed accordingly.
  • Prospective students shall also be assessed on their knowledge of music theory; at level 1 little to no theory knowledge is required, as we will teach you from the very basics


  • 5 Hours of advance booking available per week for individual practice and projects.
  • Unlimited spot bookings available for individual practice and projects on first come first serve basis.
  • Access to studio facility for recording projects.
  • Access to Band Rehearsal room for performances projects.
  • Access to the auditorium for performances projects and shows.


  • Bookings are made available subject to project brief, class schedule and availability.
  • The student has to pass all terms for successful completion of the course.
  • Attendance percentage lower than 75% disqualifies the student from the current module.

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