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Producing & Engineering Hit Songs by Joel Hamilton

Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated Brooklyn-based record producer, engineer, and musician, Joel Hamilton teaches this high-level course which shines a light on the internal process of the producer, musician, and engineer, in the business of making compelling recordings that do well in the marketplace. Through this course you will be able to self analyse and dissect your working methods and creative process to create your own “aesthetic compass” to guide you through the art and craft of making recordings, as an engineer, producer, or even as a singer/songwriter/composer.

You can check out his masterclass video above to get more insight on the course.

Joel is an internationally acclaimed Grammy & Latin Grammy-nominated record producer, musician, and co-owner of Studio G Brooklyn, NY. Some of his credits include production, engineering, and mixing of Highly Suspect 2016 Grammy-nominated album “Mister Asylum” as well as 2016 Grammy-nominated songs “Lydia” and “My name is human”. He has also engineered and mixed for Pretty Lights’ Grammy-nominated album “A Color Map of the Sun,” Gaby Moreno’s album “Postales” (Metamorfosis) Winner, Best New Artist, Latin Grammys 2013, and mixed Iggy Pop with The Plastic Ono Band’s song “Waiting For The D Train”.

Click here to check out his course on True School Online.

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