Zubin Balaporia

Music Production Faculty

Zubin Balaporia is a composer/performer based in Mumbai. He started playing the piano at the age of six and has never looked back. Since 1988 he has produced music and been involved in sound design for Television and Radio commercials as well as Corporate Films for many major international brands. He has worked as Musical Director for musical theatre productions such as The Sound Of Music, My Fair Lady, Jesus Christ Superstar and I Believe as well as for several major documentary films. Zubin has also been Music Director and composed the Background Score for a few feature films namely, DEV, Honeymoon Travels, Lafangey Parindey and Fireflies.

For the last twenty years Zubin has performed, toured and recorded with the well established Indian rock band, Indus Creed, formerly known as Rock Machine. The band has the distinction of giving the face of Indian rock international exposure and recognition. He has recorded, arranged, performed and co-produced all four of the Rock Machine/Indus Creed’s albums – Rock ‘n’ Roll Renegade, The Second Coming, Indus Creed and most recently Evolve. Indus Creed has toured the length and breadth of India, and have performed in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Singapore, and represented the country at the Festival of India in the former Soviet Union. They have performed at other major festivals including the Peter Gabriel sponsored Womad festival held in the United Kingdom at Reading as well as at some major clubs in the United Kingdom & United States of America.

Indus Creed has opened performances for international bands like Bon Jovi and Europe as well as for guitar maestro Carlos Santana. They’ve also performed with Slash, guitarist for Guns ‘n’ Roses and alongside British rock band, Uriah Heap and won the MTV Asian Video Music Award, Channel V Best Indian Band Award, the Indian Recording Arts Academy’s and Vh1 Music Channel’s Hall of Fame Awards.

In 2012, Zubin won the Rolling Stones/Jack Daniels award for Best Keyboardist.

Zubin is currently teaching “Scoring to Picture” at The True School of Music.