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An event is a collection of moments. And life, a collection of events. Some, really good; others, not so much. Some that you want to cherish forever; some that you desperately want to forget. Some that make your heart skip a beat and some that make your insides sick. Some that leave you feeling that pure, wide-eyed, open-mouthed amazement like a kid in a toy store and others that make you feel like a fish that just got pulled out of the water, grasping for breath. You get the point.

Life at TSM is also a collection of events. Masterclasses, workshops, performances, juries, jam sessions, auditions, birthday celebrations, ALS’s, drum battles, etc. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to relive the events that pass us by? To either reminisce on them or maybe to learn from our mistakes or to just sit back and have a good laugh when we’re decades past them. This is what the Video Department at TSM enables. We capture the big and small moments that make up life at TSM. From that time you blew a million minds away with a guitar solo or that time when you mispronounced a word during a masterclass and sent the entire room into fits of laughter, we have it all. Photographs and videos. That’s what we do. We create memories.

The footage from these moments and events is used to create content that goes on our social media platforms and/or for promoting the school, its students and faculty. Additionally, they are also available to students and faculty who may need them at any point.

We have eyes all over this beautiful place that we call home. So remember to always wear your best smile!

Benjamin Thomas is the head of the Video Department.

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