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Urmila Sivadas

Being from a South Indian family, music came early into Urmila’s life as she started learning Carnatic music at the age of 7. Her foray into Western music began in the form of Blues, Rock & Roll, and Grunge. This eclectic combination of musical styles developed her early taste and she eventually journeyed into the realms of Jazz, RnB, Soul, and Electronica.

Urmila is a former student of The True School Of Music and the vocalist of the upcoming electronic RnB/Soul project ‘Mr. Maloouk & the Goombas’. She is currently devoting her time to writing music with this new project and will be releasing an E.P with them soon. They released their first two singles as a band last year which was very well received. Mr.Maloouk featured in the ‘Midday’ newspaper after they released their second single, ‘Caterpillar’ and on the UK based blog

In 2018 at The International Song Writers Camp 2018 held at The Conservatorium Haarlem in The Netherlands, Urmila had the opportunity to represent India and The True School of Music. It’s a matter of immense pride that her team stood first for their song, amongst students from 18 different natoinalities and across reputed music schools from all over the world. Her participation not only helped with her songwriting but also gave her an opportunity to gain international industry experience.
When she isn’t writing music with her band, Urmila works as a sessions vocalist and plays RnB/Jazz gigs in and around the city. She has worked on jingles for Jabong (Diwali Sale), Estee Lauder Campaign, and an anthem for Creative Land, Asia with Mickey Mcleary.

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