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The Latecomers

If nerves weren’t enough, a snoozing alarm clock, a broken handle on the taxi, and a super excited puppy all connived to ensure that James, Ryan, Geet and Umang were late for their first ever audition. Ever since, they have been known as The Latecomers; a moniker that serves to remind them to never let it happen again. The Latecomers love a new take on old things, messing around with and reworking everything from good old jazz standards to cheesy pop tunes. For The Latecomers, no genre is off-limits and no idea is bad (unless, of course, said idea involves Geet taking a bass solo after every chorus). The Latecomers are a quartet from Mumbai who love messing around with jazz standards, pop tunes and everything in between.

James Miranda – Horns, Keys & Kitchen Utensils

Ryan Sequiera – Drums, Cajon & Other Noisy Things

Geet Gupta – Bass (but only till he learns a third chord on the piano)

Umang Mehta – Vox, Guitar & Chai

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