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Tanmoy Guha

As a child, Tanmoy was into a different style of music like Hindustani classical, Baul (Bengali folk), Bollywood music, etc. The more he listened, the more his heart wanted to hear. In his school days, he got introduced to western music through his friends who would share new songs with him as mp3 files via Bluetooth. It took a twisted turn in his head and totally changed his taste for music forever. He realized that there is so much more to this harmonious world. He actively listened to Linkin Park, Boyz II Men, Enrique Iglesias, The Backstreet Boys, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Green Day, Jay Z, etc.

After finishing school, he pursued a degree in paramedics, but never gave up on his love for music. He continued playing live music at college fests and competitions. He graduated at 22 and decided to fulfil his dream of being a musician. He got into the reputed ‘The True School of Music’ in Mumbai, where he has been doing a lot of projects, including his own independent original music. He’s released 2 albums in Bengali & English and has more than 1 Lakh streams in Spotify. He’s signed as an artist by music label Sa Re Ga Ma and has done a whole bunch of commercial work, from making originals songs to jingles, devotional projects, ghost productions, and so on. Visit Tanmoy’s website to learn more about the projects he’s working on.

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