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Swanand Thakur

A Guitarist/Performer/Producer based in Mumbai, switching between being a Jingle producer to a full fledged performer, Swanand has been performing live for 3 years with various projects, and exclusively with the Corner Café Chronicle (CCC). They have toured all over India and won MOOD INDIGO 2019. After playing at festivals like Cherry Blossom Festival, Strawberry Fields, Control ALT Delete, etc. they are now set to release their debut album this year. They’ve also been featured in a Podcast “MAED IN INDIA”.

As a versatile guitarist and producer, Swanand prefers working with different personalities, to experience vicariously and to expand his musical horizon. To get a sneak peek into his upcoming album with CCC, here’s a link to one of their singles ‘Gloria’s Kitchen’

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