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Shraddha Sehgal

A home maker, a mother, head of her textile design team and a musician all along, Shraddha Sehgal took up the Hindustani Vocals programme under the tutelage of Shankar Mahadevan Academy at the True School of Music, Mumbai. While studying, she composed melodies and started writing lyrics for her original songs and for her school mates.

In a short span and by word of mouth, Shraddha has worked with several musicians as a lyricist. Her experiences are the medium through which her thoughts translate to lyrics for the many different genres she writes for. The challenge of writing to situations and to the exact meter of a melody excites her and that she can add meaning to a song with her words, motivates her to write lyrics that people connect with. Noteably, she has written lyrics for songs of a web series written by Vikram Bhatt called Spotlight 2, and a song titled Chaka Chak to support Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan sung by Shankar Mahadevan.

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