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Priyansh Chaturvedi

Priyansh Chaturvedi A.K.A. FAT KRRENT is an independent artist from Ajmer, Rajasthan. His main forte is in the field of Hip-Hop/Rap & Beatboxing. Apart from these skills, he also works as a music producer/sound engineer. He has launched several singles and videos independently on platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, CD Baby & ReverbNation. He launched his debut alnum in 2017 titled “Intervenin In”, and is a member of the former Indian hip-hop/rap crew “The Rap Hoppers”. He has performed at various local and large events and college festivals like Mood Indigo, Sandscape, Oneiroes, JU Rhythm, Vivacity, Palm Expo, Blue Lagoon Cultural Collective etc. Currently he is pursuing the Pro Sound Engineering at True School.

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