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Manov Bhowmick

Manov is a young HipHop producer from Bombay, who has also produced multiple records for various indie artists as well. Having lived in multiple cities all across the country, his productions drive inspiration from various cultures and sounds that are very unique to him.

Being a part of the hiphop duo titled ‘Krow and Raven’ he has performed at multiple venues, produced under the same name for multiple hiphop artists across the world and been recognised by the Indian hiphop community. The duo also has an ongoing project called “The ELEMENTARY” that is set to release in 2020. Apart from that, he has also played on stage with the likes of Shivamani, recorded and mixed multiple artists and live events in Delhi and Mumbai, produced scores for live theatre and produce multiple radio spots, voice overs and audio ads for brands like Pantaloons, Fitness first, Adidas and Wrangler.

Currently, Manov runs an outlet called “Moojic Spaces” that focuses on discovering, developing and promoting young independent artists across the country, and on hosting live sessions for the same.

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