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Jarvis Pereira

Jarvis Pereira aka Doctor J, is an ENT Surgeon by day, and successful performing vocalist by night. Having studied both Guitar and Western Vocals at True School, Jarvis is well versed with both Western and Indian Music, and was the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the Rock band ‘2 Way Switch’ He was also part of a Hindustani band called Goonj in Bangalore. Jarvis founded, trained and performed with an Acapella group all over Bangalore. He also sang Tenor with internationally renowned Gospel musician Don Moen during his India tour in October 2010.

Apart from this, Jarvis sang playback for a Kannada film Money Honey Shani. He is currently the lead guitarist for the acclaimed pop/retro/rock roll band Victor and the Crowns, and The Backup Plan and performs as a solo artist and in association with a beatboxer and percussionist in various pubs all over Mumbai, including The Stables, The Bandra Projekt, The Little Easy, The Quarter, The Habitat (formerly Tuning Fork), Hard Rock Cafe, The Clearing House, The White Owl, Theory, The Boston Butt, Reise, Patch of Sky, Junkyard Cafe to name a few.

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