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Hansel Dias

Hansel Dias is an incredibly versatile bass player. He has played with a variety of bands across genres in the Indian music scene and continues to do so, ranging from Jazz, Rock and Blues to Folk, World, Indian Classical Fusion and even with an orchestra! He studied bass at The True School Of Music in Mumbai and was awarded the ‘Student Of The Year’ award for the year 2014-15 for his exemplary academic performance.

Hansel excels at music theory and loves to compose and perform live. He has been performing for the past 7 years as a professional sessions player and is constantly sought after by a lot of musicians in the industry. Hansel is currently a member of the bands Aankh Micholi (Hindi folk fusion alternative) and The Rapid (Alt-Rock).

Apart from that, he has played with Bollywood producers such as Shaan, Clinton Cerejo, fusion stalwarts Taufiq Qureshi, Purbhayan Chatterjee, Chirag Katti and songwriters such as Sooraj, Peaking Panda, The Osho Projekt, etc. He is currently endorsed by Nordstrand Audio and Harman Professional (For Aankh Micholi). His aim in life is to keep creating music, and to inspire a generation of musicians whose parents have wrongly taught them that “Music is just a hobby.”

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