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Aditya Sharma

Aditya sharma is an aspiring singer-songwritter originally from Indore. Now based in Mumbai, he is published by Erosnow. He proactively collaborates with big Youtubers and is also working on his original music which will be releasing very soon. Currently studying the Pro Hindustani Playback Vocals Course at True School, he has led a band for a charity concert at Tata Memorial Hospital, has given vocals for 2 films, and has worked with several composers on their original tracks.

Aditya has also performed at many concerts in and around Mumbai. He recenty worked as a vocal producer on the recreation of the famous song “Oh Oh Jaane Jana”. This rendition has garnered 15 million views on the Youtube channel ‘Singh’s Unplugged’. His main aim is to become a successfull playback singer and perform his original music, the goal of which is to bring back the 2000s Bollywood feel.

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