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Adam Malvi

Adam Malvi aka Blame Adam is a Mumbai based electronic artist/producer who has been closely knit with the Indian independent music scene for a while now. His journey into music started very unexpectedly. To put it shortly, he was in need of another form of expression due to the lack of one. His music incorporates the garnering of a mood rather than a genre and amalgamates electronic and acoustic instrumentation with radical but innovative sampling.

The temperament of his music is dark and at the crux, can be classified as “noir sound”.
After doing the Music Production Course at True School Of Music, Adam felt it gave him direction to where he wanted to go within music as it was a really vast area to cover and figure out where home was. It also helped him strengthen his music theory and put his music into perspective in comparison to the other artists in the industry.

Adam is currently dabbling with commercial projects such as film scoring, composing for TV commercials and more, while managing making his own music. He recently released an album called ‘Asura’ which combines punchy grooves, mysterious melodies and tremor inducing bass frequencies to create a unique audio experience.

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