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Sietske Roscam Abbing

About Sietske as a performer and songwriter

Vocalist Sietske Roscam Abbing started her career performing in the club scene of the Netherlands as bandleader of soul/jazz crossover band Follow Alice which brought out a first record (entitled Outside) in 2010. In the spring of that year she also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and was also accepted to continue in the masters-program there. Her master studies brought her to Philadelphia for a semester where her focus shifted to writing and arranging modern jazz oriented songs. In the light of developement in composing, she wrote a thesis on the subject of bringing lyrics and music together. For this she studied (German) Lied-repertoire of the 19th century and worked on this repertoire with a vocal teacher specialized in this particular repertoire and classical techniques which enriched and expanded her vocal abilities. After returning to Amsterdam her written thesis and presentation on the topic were received very well and shortly after, in the spring of 2012 she graduated with a Master’s degree in jazz singing. As a musician she strives to make authentic music – innovative and close to the heart.

About Sietske as a teacher

“The sharing of music in any form is where my heart lies. This involves making and playing music with others as well as sharing insights about it. Music is all about sharing and when playing or working on music you are constantly showing each-other new ways of creating and experiencing. Teaching is as important to me as performing or creating music and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to spent such a large portion of my waking hours on it.”

Sietske started to build experience as a teacher from early in her studies. While she was enrolled in the Conservatory of Utrecht, with a famous reputation for it’s excellent educational program, she started to teach in a local music school in her third year, and continued to teach private lessons, and later also group lessons during the continuation of her studies at the Consevatory of Amsterdam where she completed her Bachelors-degree and also her Masters degree in vocal performance.

Brought up by a mother with a physical therapy practice specializing in Feldenkrais (detailed improving of physical movement) and having taken dance classes in various styles from classical ballet and modern dance to ballroom-dancing throughout her entire teenage life and onwards, combined with her experience in theatrical aspects (which involve both mental as physical aspects) Sietske is seeking to help students involve the entire body as well as their mind in the singing and performing and has an observing eye for details in the physical, technical aspects of it. Besides these areas of focus, she strives to work on flexibility and a proper foundation of healthy technique in order to be able to incorporate certain more straining techniques effectively and without risk. With training in various musical styles ranging from classical songs to a variety of styles in pop-music and both traditional and modern forms of jazz/cross-over she is diverse and flexible in repertoire.

Being influenced by different styles throughout her education (from music lessons in her teenage years to her preliminary year at the conservatory of Arnhem, then three years at the Conservatory of Utrecht and five years the Conservatory of Amsterdam, aswell as the theater school of Amsterdam and her semester at Boyer College of music and dance in Philadelphia during her Masters, and including many workshops, masterclasses and projects by renowned guest-teachers along the way), Sietske developed a diverse and flexible style in teaching, involving aspects of classical training as well as the various techniques used in pop music, theatrical aspects for performance, and also the above mentioned physical aspects offering a complete but personal spectrum of qualities.

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