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Sangeet Patnaik

I started a studio 10 months back with a friend of mine, who’s into music production as well. Initially we used to get very less volume of work but as we got more exposed into the industry we started getting a lot of commercial projects. We started a partnership of our own, Cryosonic Productions. I’ve worked with a lot of small and big brands till date and we are on a contractual agreement with MTV and we work on promos, snippets and occasional music production work. Besides that we have also worked with brands & companies like like UTV Bindass, MBD Books, Aprilia, 101 India, #fame, Wonderchef, Dräger and more. Currently I am also working on 3 Bollywood projects.

Apart from commercial music, My partner & I also operate under the name Cryosis. We produce EDM and bass music. We recently got signed by a dutch record label, Wolfrage Recordings. And our first EP is releasing on June 19th.

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