Sam Van Lonkhuyzen

Senior Pro Faculty: Music Production

Coming from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Sam van Lonkhuyzen is a composer, music producer and sound designer. Professionally educated at the Utrecht School of the Arts, Sam has started composing music at a young age: his first compositions were made at age 7. After being schooled in both classical music and light music on the piano originally, he learned to play several instruments before starting to do music production. Sam van Lonkhuyzen worked primarily in the video game industry as a composer and sound designer. He produced titles for various platforms, including PC and Xbox 360. The PC & console games Westerado and Westerado Double Barreled for which Sam composed and produced the original score were published by Adult Swim, a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting System, and played by over two million players. Sam was among the founders of the music production collective Guns for Hire in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he worked for several years. His music style combines live recordings of various instruments with orchestral arrangements, synthesizers and experimental digital audio manipulation. Sam’s first teaching job was at the Utrecht School of the Arts, where he taught music theory and choir singing on the pre-education course.

After breaking into the scene with his Adult Swim hit game Westerado, Sam finished his Bachelor of the Arts with honours. During this period he was also creating extracurricular works in theater, musical, film and numerous video games. Westerado ended up popular enough to warrant multiple sequels, all of them by Sam’s hand, including the Xbox release.

Known for being a community man, Sam was president at the HKU faculty choir for 3 years before co-founding the multiple-award winning collective of producers by the name of Guns for Hire, building and finishing a downtown studio soon after.

Next up is the city of Bollywood, where Sam is now a full time production teacher.