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Robin Van Rhijn

Ever since Robin van Rhijn played on the North Sea Jazz festival at the age of 16, he started performing with great musicians from The Netherlands. At the age of 18 he got accepted to the Conservatory of Rotterdam. He studied drums with Hans van Oosterhout, Joost Patocka and composition from Kris Goessens. In this period Robin explored a lot of different music genres.
After finishing his bachelors cum laude, he got a chance to do EUJAM (European Master). Robin studied in Amsterdam, Berlin and Copenhagen. This Masters course allowed him to play with a lot of musicians in Europe. He studied composition and drums with John Hollenbeck, Martijn Vink and Kresten Osgood.
Over the years Robin received a number of awards. He won the Princess Christina Concours with the Semey group and Leidse Jazz Award with the Thomas Maasz trio.
In 2014 he graduated cum laude and moved to Amsterdam where he is currently living and playing with many musicians from all over the world. Robin is currently working on his own project ‘Robin Adrian’ which will be recorded in September 2015.

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