Rahul Wadhwani

Sr. Pro Faculty - Keys

Rahul Wadhwani is a Pop/Funk/Jazz keyboard/piano player, who has studied Jazz music in LMS Gaspoltshofen, Upper Austria and Vienna. While studying music, he was also performing Jazz at the venues like ZWE, Jazzland, 1019 Jazz club, etc in Vienna and other music venues around Austria.

After finishing his education in Austria, Rahul moved to Mumbai in 2016 and is travelling around and across the country doing various interesting projects. He has performed/worked with some of the finest musicians in the country, Karl Peters, Rajeev Raja, Sanjay Divecha, Shantanu Moitra, Ashwin Srinivas, Gino Banks, Samantha Edwards, Abbos Kosimov, Rasika Shekar, just to name few.

Currently working on his Solo Piano project, composing music for it and arranging classic Jazz standards, he is also busy doing a lot of studio work for Independent artists.

He has performed at Jazz festivals in Austria and Russia and Public concerts in Mauritius, Dubai and Nepal.