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The Late Pandit Chitresh Das

The Late Pandit Chitresh Das was a classical dancer of the North Indian style of Kathak. Born in Calcutta, Das was a performer, choreographer, composer, and educator. He was instrumental in bringing Kathak to the US and is credited with firmly establishing Kathak amongst the Indian diaspora in America. In 1979, Das established the Chhandam School of Kathak and the Chitresh Das Dance Company in California. In 2002, he founded Chhandam Nritya Bharati in India. Right until his sudden demise in January 2015, Pandit Das continued to perform and teach dance as a way of life, a path for attaining self-knowledge and as a service to society, to audiences across the globe, frequently touring through India, North America and Europe. He was well known for his virtuosic footwork, rhythmic adeptness, compelling storytelling, as well as his own innovation of Kathak Yoga.

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