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Marilena Paradisi

Vocalist, composer, improviser, tireless explorer and experimenter in the use of the human voice, Marilena’s work ranges from jazz to total improvisation and contemporary classics. She was ranked among “the Best New Talents” and has released as many as 7 albums as a leader, in collaboration with important Italian and International musicians. She has studied jazz, ragas and hindustani classical in India, having performed with great Indian pianist Louis Banks and his trio at the Bangalore Jazz Festival. In the context of Contemporary Classical Music, she has been the Lead Voice (soprano) for the Nucleo Theatron Ensemble del Cristiano Serino Etere Project in a world premiere at Vivaverdi Multikulti Festival. Her teaching incorporates basic psycho-physical training that allows the singer to fit with ease in professional contexts, namely Jazz, Rock and R&B including all the modern techniques such as Fry, Screaming, Twang and Belting. Additionally, the technical approach of her program also covers all the typical pathologies of vocal styles that put the vocal chords at risk (rock, heavy metal, musical)

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