Mahesh Tinaikar

Senior Pro Faculty: Guitar

Mahesh Tinaikar is a Mumbai based guitar player who has played with various Indian and international artistes. He started his professional career in 1985 when he formed the seminal rock band “Rock Machine”. Initially a cover band, they toured the country playing various festivals and college venues. This led to a loyal following and the band released two albums of original material. Both the albums were very well received both critically and by the fans. The albums featured Mahesh’s guitar playing prominently and this led to a large number of budding guitarists getting influenced by his style and technique.

Mahesh is heavily influenced by guitar players like Michael Schenker, Steve Lukather and the music of bands like Wishbone Ash, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple and various other rock bands of the 70s. He has got a distinctive playing style which can be described as bluesy but still fiery. He has influenced a generation of local guitarists who still idolize him. He has played with and shared the stage with many international acts like Europe, Bon Jovi, Slash and Matthias Eklundh.

Rock Machine changed their name to Indus Creed in the early 90s and cut an eponymous album which was recorded in Los Angeles. This album yielded their biggest hit “Pretty Child” which went on to win the MTV Video award. Indus Creed was also awarded the “Best Indian Rock Band” by Channel V. Indus Creed disbanded in 1998 due to the overwhelming influence of “Bollywood” music resulting in lack of interest in local rock scene by various radio stations and music TV channels.

Mahesh then got into producing and composing music for TV commercials and documentaries . He also played as a sideman for various artistes like Louis Banks, Joe Alvares, Gary Lawyer etc. He played on and produced Gary Lawyer’s last studio album.
In 2009, Mahesh and his old band mate from Indus Creed, Uday Benagal started a new acoustic project called Whirling Kalapas . It received a lot of critical acclaim and provoked the two of them to revive Indus Creed.
Indus Creed have now released a new album with a new and contemporary sound. They have already started gigging and have had a series of successful shows.

Mahesh has also been asked by PRS Guitars to promote their instruments and now uses PRS guitars exclusively. Indus Creed is set to rock a new generation of fans.