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Maarten Buning

Born in Amsterdam and currently residing in Berlin, Maarten started playing guitar and writing/producing his own compositions at a very young age. By the age of 15 he had released his first album and in 2004, decided to study music composition and production at the Utrecht school of arts in the Netherlands. In 2007 he was offered an internship with the great film composer Jessica de Rooij, in Hollywood, Los Angeles where he worked as a music programmer on Alone in the Dark 2 and Far Cry. He has produced scores for In the Name of the King 2, Max Schmeling, Cast me if You can (Japanese movie) and written additional music for Rampage, Attack on Darfur, Bloodrayne 3 and Assault on Wallstreet. Having graduated with a Master of Arts degree in 2009, he started a music production company with Jessica in 2011 and has scored music for ‘Prisoners of the Sun’, a full-length Hollywood feature film.

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