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Lennart Altgenug

Lenny Altgenug, born 1987 in Mannheim/Germany, started to play classical piano when he was five years old. At the age of 16, he began to discover his
love for Jazz and taught himself to play Boogie Woogie and Blues by listening to records of Pete Johnson, Jimmy Jancey, Albert Ammons and later Oscar Peterson.

In 2006, Lenny started with preparatory classes at the Jazz and Rock School in Freiburg with teacher Andy Herrmann. In 2007, he began his studies of jazz piano at the Hochschule für Musik Mainz with Olaf Polziehn and Sebastian Sternal. He continued his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Karel Boehlee and Kris Goessens and graduated with the degree Bachelor of Music.

Lenny has played on many local as well as international stages: In 2012, he toured in Italy with the band of Italian singer Thea Crudi. He was also working as an arranger for that band. In 2013, he went to South Africa for a number of concerts with the project of South African guitarist Vuma Levin called “In Rythmic Color”. Among the venues was the well-known jazz club Mahogany Room in Cape Town. In 2013, Lenny won the 4th price in the “International Jazzhaus Piano Competition” in Freiburg. The latest musical project that Lenny participated in, was the CD recording of the project “Birth and Death of a Star” initiated by bassist Nelson Ogliastri.

Besides playing the piano, Lenny succeeded as composer and arranger. In 2012, he was selected as one of seven student arrangers to arrange for the arranger’s project of the Jazz Orchestra of the “Concertgebouw” Amsterdam with guest soloist Dick Oatts.

Furthermore, Lenny wrote four pieces for String quartet, which have been performed at the “Grachtenfestival” 2013 in Amsterdam. Lenny continued his study with the master program “Composing For Film” at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with teacher Jurre Haanstra. He completed the study with the degree Master of Music with specialization Composing For Film. During these studies, Lenny composed for six films by students from the Dutch film academy, one of which won the “Topkapi – Prize” for best fiction film 2014 and will be shown at the Dutch film festival 2014.

Very recently, Lenny recorded a CD with his own compositions featuring his Jazz Trio and a classical string quartet.ext to his activities as a pianist, composer and arranger Lenny has been working as a piano teacher at the “Piano Academie” in Amsterdam teaching students of all ages.

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