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Joel Harrison

Guitarist, composer, arranger, vocalist, songwriter, bandleader – Harrison deftly juggles all of these roles, melding influences from jazz, classical, country, rock, and world music. A Guggenheim Fellow in 2010, he is a two-time winner of the Jazz Composer’s Alliance Composition Competition, and has received grants from Chamber Music America, Meet the Composer, the Flagler Cary Trust, NYSCA, and the Jerome Foundation. His music reinvents country and Appalachian folk music and he has also played with sarod master Anupam Shobhankar on his new project. With ‘Harrison on Harrison’, Joel has delved into the works of other composers like George Harrison. He has studied western classical music with Joan Tower, Hindustani classical music with Ali Akbar Khan and jazz with Charlie Banacos.

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